For 2014, I want to make sure I keep PARALYSIS CURE going strong.  I am hoping to lose more weight and am still hopelessly single and unemployed.  Yet, I am strong, healthy and happy.  I use definitely milk thistle, black tea and white tea everyday with oatmeal.  I may need some Benadryl, Domeboro, over-the-counter stuff or Ivarest and Tecnu sometimes.  I also use licorice root, hand-picked flowers and leaves from around Connecticut and many fishing and hiking trails.  I love Nature everyday with many tea brands like Yogi Tea, Traditional Medicinals, Celestial Seasonings, Bigelow, Teekanne, Twinings, Salada, Swee-Touch-Nee, Typhoo,  pretty much anything you can find and vitamins like Sundown Naturals, Nature's Bounty, NatureMade, Spring Valley or whatever.  You can also use databases like to get fancy roots and leaves like marshmallow root, cat's claw bark, juniper, spikenard, uva ursi, patchouli, mullein, devil's claw and other herbs you never tried (kiwi fruit can help with shoulder pain or stiffness, aloe juice for colon health).  As long as you drink these teas mixed in with great coffee like Gevalia, Cafe Caribe or others everyday, mix in your own leaves and flowers and some glitter (especially pink and purple shades), for your eyesight, along with milk thistle, your spleen, kidneys, liver, bone marrow, muscles, bones, arms, feet and legs will feel wonderful.  I switch from glitter to chalk for the summer, any shades.  You can also dip cigars (I love Talon or Avanti) and incense in and then light after they dry.  I used to have night seizures until after college when I devoted my life to Nature and used to get paralysis in my arms, especially the left one and got an amputated toe on the right foot.  Yet, since I began a Nature life, I never have these symptoms.  You should avoid gravy, cumin, cilantro, maple, pumpkins, teriyaki, chamomile, too many tomatoes, too much paprika and many soap and hygiene products like Scott toilet paper, Bath & Body Works or Essence of Beauty since all of these caused my initial problems and contain some form of ivy.  Yet like I said, as long as you use milk thistle, and these flavorful teas and do make an effort to pick and use leaves from hiking trails, you will be able to rehabilitate yourself from paralysis and / or seizures and that difference will then encourage those who live with you to stop using things you are allergic to.

With no job, I am still living with my family and they now cook gravy way less than before, try not to use much chamomile, and switched to new toilet paper.  They also love to include tea in their lives.  I also have painted my room in milk thistle paint and make sure everything is detoxed of cumin, which I find depressing.  Being in school was almost impossible to detox of cumin and maple because all cafeterias use them.  This is why I basically became hopelessly unemployed after temp jobs after college.  Yet, I am glad that my family have seen much greater health in me and simply give me a place to stay.

The only place where I disagree with them is over the God, Lord and Jesus thing and who I remember as the natural parents.  I had a list of demons and good spirits here before but the new websites are now shorter, so that was deleted while I was shifting my page.  I just want to make things briefer and shorter anyway.  As long as everyone clings to beliefs in a religion and certain God or Trinity, I just feel more connected to all Cartoons and feel the real Cartoon men and men from Space like Q will all return instead of any Lord.  I love the Cartoon men and Space men and always remember myself being a Cartoon dog Scrappy-Doo (Cqrappai) and Bobby Brady and riding along in space shows and other roles.  If people started being logical and following Nature instead of any Lords, then maybe I would not believe that Cartoons were real and would not remember myself being in them.  Yet, since everyone feels and remembers real experience with whatever Lord, savior, spirit, God, or higher power they believe in, I feel and remember experience and acting with the Cartoon men as real and want it back again.  I carry two Shaggy dolls (one with Scooby glued on) for good luck and have many adventures with him.  I just got a Shaggy Chia Pet head for Christmas, too, YAY!  I also love Alexander (JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS), Clamhead, Tinker, Dastardy and many others (more than one Shag, not only Norville).  So, I would really love to marry a Cartoon man.  I think of the men listed as the voice or self of each and non-Cartoon versions too and I also agree there is more than one person or team of many characters in Cartoons and Space shows.  I also am not really potently listed on any film and series credits under my registered name and remember some false colorization.

Yet, I would just love to date and play with Cartoon men and Space men again.  I think of myself as being from Jupiter.  So, I think some may return from there.

Well, watch all the Cartoons you can and tell me if you remember things by drinking tea and using milk thistle.  Also email me if you are cured too.  Like I said, I am a single white female, registered as male online because many server errors could cause false facts to be printed and I don't want my real registration to get messed up and because I never feel like reading and believing articles on celebrities.  I have brown hair (though it was light blond early in life) and hazel eyes and simply plan to live an exciting life with favorite teas.  I will be 35 as of April 30, 2014, yet I guess I will still be single since I am not dating.  As long as I am happy with tea that is the important thing.

You should also make plug-ins with your favorite combinations.

Email me at: (Magda Stepenauskus) or (Cqrappai Du), even though I am registered as Jessica Lee Bennett and am called Jessie in person.