Well, hooray!  It seems like 2015 is the year that I can finally say that I was cured of paralysis / seizures without relapsing for SUCH A LONG TIME that I now no longer NEED tea, milk thistle, coffee or any particular herb.  I previously used YOGI, CELESTIAL SEASONINGS, TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS, BIGELOW, TWININGS, STASH, SALADA, NUMI, TYPHOO, LIPTON, BADIA, LIFESTYLE AWARENESS, ALVITA, whatever ones DOLLAR TREE has, other brands, or leaves and flowers I picked MYSELF on woods trails, hiking trails or near mountains in my state, and mixed them with chalk or glitter in the water to restore full movement to my hands and arms and to divert all health conditions from the arms, shoulders, hands and face / mouth to other areas of the body where they are less effective, less debilitating and not inhibiting toward movement and wakefulness.  In addition, I avoided and did not use and complained and argued about chamomile, CILANTRO, gravy mixes and blends, maple, teryaki, Mrs. Dash, CUMIN, toothpaste, hygiene products like Bath & Body Works, Essence of Beauty and Scott toilet paper, all of which have POISON IVY / SUMAC, rapeseed or something bad (it may be called "elder flower" in the UK, since Hawking hated that).  From ages 8 to 23, these all caused my paralysis and seizures and outrageous itchy monster face phases (that went away with Benadryl and pounds of oatmeal each time before I discovered that the tea also was better for that too), and can STILL cause discomfort, itching OR breathing problems.  I felt that the tea and milk thistle cure was POWERFUL enough to prevent exposure to these things at first, but now I end up getting a residue of these things way more often than before.  Since I am re-exposed, I know that the worst problems I can NOW have are itching way more mild than before or severe respiratory malfunction, maybe strep throat in the winter.  I stopped having seizures right when I first started the cure.  After years of milk thistle, I felt that every phase of arm and hand paralysis like numbness, tingling, pain, itching, stiffness, limpness, etc. had all gone away enough to stop using milk thistle.  Finally, just this past year, I decided to stop using white tea and all other teas, because I now have a breathing problem or severe migraines just over the cost of them all, and have found that I can now be more relaxed over eating JUST ANYTHING again.  The town I live in has horrible water infested with all the things I hate and was sick over, but I have found that I am now able to be symptom free without PAYING for expensive tea and vitamins.  I still avoid and do not directly use the things I mentioned above, BUT I cannot prevent absolute, complete exposure to them.  I eat whatever smells like it does not contain the things I AVOID.  I NO LONGER cook all of my food separately in tea, and I no longer choose vegan or vegetarian.  I just go with whatever is good at the time.  I also gave up SODA and felt that the bubbles have cilantro.  I was able to go back to coffee and meat this year.  Like I said, no food, beverage or water is guaranteed as safe and free of the paralyzing, itching or breathless ingredients.  All I am saying IS that IF YOU USE THE MILK THISTLE AND FANCY TEA and cook all of your food with that for a number of years, YOUR BODY WILL RELEASE THE VIRUS that caused paralysis, seizures, deformity, itching and lack of breathing and will never again take the same virus in after you STOP treatment, symbolizing that you are permanently cured.  At that point, I would then recommend using LDN Research Lab or Dr. Fred Summit Arthritis & Sport ointment, LA'S Totally Awesome Ultra Concentrated detergent and soaps with OXYGEN and polymer (I like them for the shower instead of laundry), ASSURED Medicated Foot powder, Powerhouse Refreshing Waterfall spray with the picture of milk thistles over a waterfall on the bottle  (maybe mixed with oxygen cleaner from a big bottle or oxygen powder and a bit of the arthritis ointment) and nasal sprays, aspirin, or other products from DOLLAR TREE.  You will find that you are not that bad without them and not necessarily in need of them, but a mild pain, itch, headache, or breathing difficulty will be gone very quickly with them.  Your tap water and shower water will stay fresher longer with them mixed in whenever buildup of the opposite ingredients becomes hard to bare.  You need them way more during the winter and spring than summer or fall.  Also, I still use oatmeal almost everyday.  Like I said, there is not only hope, but proof that you do not have to be held down by a disease forever and can just get to a point of permanent detox.

With no job, I am still living with my family and they now cook gravy way less than before, try not to use much chamomile, and switched to new toilet paper.  They also love to include tea in their lives.  I also have my room painted in milk thistle paint to make sure everything is detoxed of cumin, which I find depressing.  Being in school was almost impossible to detox of cumin and maple because all cafeterias use them (yet, now that I am fully cured, I probably could have been way more successful than I was before).  This is why I basically became hopelessly unemployed after temp jobs after college.  Yet, I am glad that my family have seen much greater health in me and simply give me a place to stay.

The only place where I disagree with them is over the God, Lord and Jesus thing and who I remember as the natural parents.  Over the past few years, I have tried thinking of the cartoon character and REAL MAN, Shaggy, as the Lord instead of the church Lord, because I just thought it would be more fun and actually do have more fun and relaxation agreeing on him, Shaggy "Rogers", as the savior.  I just wanted to give more details on this.  Thinking of Shaggy as someone real does not make sense if you think of Kemal / Casey Kasem as him, so in his passing in 2014, I feel like Shaggy might become more well-known as the real spirit of importance.  I did become more close to Shaggy's spirit each year as soon as the credits on SCOOBY-DOO movies and shows were changed to reflect the name Matthew Lillard as Shaggy.  I believe Matthew's presence, name and career enhance Shaggy as real and I do remember myself being HIS Scrappy-Doo (Cqrappai), even though the credits are still incorrect on Scrappy episodes and films,  and my character is just the villain as soon as Matthew's name comes back.  My own name is not a credit of Scrappy (the voice was a voicebox, so I can't do it anymore and cannot do any shapeshifts), because Matthew's voice credit was omitted and changed for so long.  I also did not receive a full Bobby Brady credit even though I remember that and a few other roles.  Yet, I feel a relaxation over Matthew Lillard being free from his pedophile Casey Kasem who stole his role.  I only remembered Casey / Kemal from working at a vitamin store that was open for a brief time in Connecticut, and thought the job was fine, but because he put out expired vitamins, that made the job only temporary for me and, as mentioned, I eventually became totally unemployable in Connecticut after college and more temp jobs.  I was not able to adapt to the regular food, hence this website and cure.  For a woman, being completely unable to achieve a permanent job and high salary is equivalent molestation to the men not being credited as the hottest and best, so what Kemal / Casey got me stuck with was equal to what Matthew Lillard was stuck with over not being listed as Shaggy's voice for so long, when the Lord SHAGGY does want him and is him in the biggest way possible.  I love Matthew Lillard forever and encourage all of you with a large number of cable channels to catch up on all of his films listed on "matthewlillardonline.com".  THE BRIDGE on FX ended and is cancelled!  Can you believe it?  The phone number that shows up as the murderer in season one (all 0's), on Daniel's cellphone, still calls one of the numbers at this house, not the one I pick up on (I did see a few lookalikes of the villains recently)!  I wanted to be written into THE BRIDGE (I could be Steven Linder's NOT DEAD sister), so I could marry Daniel Frye / Matthew Lillard!

I went all the way to NYC on the train to see my man Matthew Lillard again in person DIRECTING instead of acting in Tennessee Williams' Shorts at Theatre Row, but when he didn't come out at the end, I got a Theatre Row employee to confess that he was not even in the house.  So, she alleged that he was there in the beginning of production but went "home" (to where, California?) after that.  This confirmed to me that the whole Animus thing was a scam anyway, so I do not think he did anything with the plays, I think they just used his name.  All along, I also knew and remembered that my REAL illiterate man with dyslexia did not have enough writing skills to be on Twitter at all, so I thought it was a catfish doing the posting anyway.  Well, at least in NY, I met a homeless man at Port Authority bus terminal that looked kind of like the pierced Matthew Lillard character from SENSELESS (or the one from WING COMMANDER) and he kissed me and he said he would maybe like to get married and that he would have sex with me right at the bus terminal if I want.  :-)  He already has an ex-wife and one son which is cool with me.  I can't wait to get married if he's for real.  His driver's license was from NJ, but he said the address is his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend's.  Well, Patrick / PJ from Port Authority, I hope you're reading this like I told you to.  PLEASE do contact me about us becoming the real thing!

I guess my effort in making my Matthew Lillard memoir t-shirt got me the lookalike boyfriend who may become my husband if he contacts me.  So, I'll let you all know.

Anyway, the REAL illiterate Matthew Lillard deserves for everyone to see his STEAMING hot naked pictures that were leaked some time ago and are not really photoshopped like the site says, but don't show the thickness of his skin!  So, I hope you will all enjoy a peak at "man91433.blogspot.com/search/label/Matthew%20Lillard", two pictures.  I became perfect in reading and writing over him NOT picking me, but I knew he was the superior one for not bothering to do anything for people who don't want to pay (so that includes reading, writing and twittering).  He was paid to say he's many characters and to just be HOT, which he permanently is.  I love HIM forever and agree he and his characters are not to blame over his stolen identity.  I really recommend watching MESSAGES DELETED, and often worry that he is in jail over the activities and events described here.  I thought he really did use the name "Joel Brandt" like this film, but also note that some films like SERIAL MOM and WITHOUT LIMITS are labeled as true stories, meaning that there should be separate men with these names, and I still think I worked with and dated all of them, but just agree all of them, including Shaggy and Daniel may be JOEL BRANDT instead of MATTHEW LILLARD, causing the catfish situation to get out of control.  Also, WICKER PARK is always a favorite.

I carry the Shaggy chia head and Pez dispenser and two smaller Shaggy dolls for good luck in being recognized by Matthew Lillard and Shaggy's real spirit, since I would love to be reaffiliated with and to marry my real cartoon Shaggy or any other Matthew Lillard character (or best yet, ALL of them)!  I never love a certain character the most and just want them all!  I will still carry them and agree they introduced me to the romantic lookalike and knew I would have to be sucked into a scam in order to take the trip at all to meet HIM.  All of you carry Shaggy dolls for the paralysis cure if you like!

Well, watch all the cartoons you can and tell me if you remember things or are also permanently cured by drinking tea and using milk thistle.  I am a single white female, registered as male online because many server errors and catfish could cause false facts to be printed and I don't want my real registration to get messed up and because I never feel like believing articles on celebrities (especially when they are not at certain plays advertising them).  I have brown hair (though it was light blond early in life) and hazel eyes.  I am 36 as of April 30, 2015, and will maybe be dating my new Port Athority stud soon (birthday wishes).  I hope I get one of the jobs I applied for in NYC so I can see him everyday.

Email me at: soul_of_happiness@hotmail.com (Magda Stepenauskus) or pinkychalkthistle@yahoo.com (Cqrappai Du), even though I am registered as Jessica Lee Bennett and am called Jessie in person.