For 2015, I want to make sure I keep PARALYSIS CURE going strong.  In 2014, I finally switched over to all vegan or vegetarian food, because I suddenly could not breathe over meat, meaning that it is now stained with cilantro.  You must AVOID cilantro to be healthy, so that now means you cannot eat the current meat blends available in the United States.  If I ever get any meat with no seasonings, it tends to be fish or from a country that does not grow cilantro, but very rarely that happens.  I also stopped mixing in coffee with my teas, because I kept getting migraines and read that coffee beans carry a virus called "coffee rust".  So, to remain cured and detoxed, I mix in WHITE TEA (or green tea with WHITE mixed in) everyday with a few packets of other teas which may be YOGI Detox or immune teas (mostly with licorice root, echinacea, lemongrass and cardamom among other things), CELESTIAL SEASONINGS (any blends NOT containing chamomile), TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS, BIGELOW, TWININGS, STASH, SALADA, NUMI, TYPHOO, LIPTON, BADIA, LIFESTYLE AWARENESS, TEAVANA or red, black or earl grey blends.  I mix OATMEAL into my pot of tea during some seasons (unless I get a headache, then I switch to white powder and aspirin) and sometimes put nutshells in a tea ball to mix in.  I love Nature everyday and often pick fresh leaves and flowers from just anywhere to mix into my pot of tea.  For many years, I focused on how my left arm was cured up with milk thistle which also helped the spleen and other organs.  I love MILK THISTLE and am so proud to announce that I was finally able to stop using it, because it was proven as having permanently cured a large percentage of my condition.  I would love to continue buying it anyway and to donate money to the production and growth of milk thistle, yet still have no job.  So, because of myself not having money, I am now no longer using it unless symptoms of paralysis and seizures that have already been cured return.  I am certain they will not return and cannot emphasize enough that all of you with paralysis and seizures must use MILK THISTLE in your tea and food everyday for at least 7 or 8 years in order to be cured, but after that you may be able to stop buying it like I was.  Sundown Naturals, Nature's Bounty, Spring Valley, and Target still have the vitamin form of milk thistle and sometimes Celestial Seasonings and Lifestyle Awareness teas have one or two blends with it.  As long as you use white tea, oatmeal (except during headaches), and some other immune and detox teas everyday with leaves, bark and flowers of your choice from parks, hiking trails and the woods, you will remain detoxed AFTER the initial milk thistle cure is finished.  There is one ointment at DOLLAR TREE, Dr. Fred Summit or LDN Research Lab Arthritis and Sport Penetrating Heat Rub that you can keep on hand which is like milk thistle and works for more mild hand or arm stiffness or cramps.  DOLLAR TREE also has a milk thistle Fabric and Air Spray by Powerhouse, the waterfall one with the picture of the milk thistles over a waterfall.  These two products for only $1 each are all the milk thistle you need after no longer needing the daily vitamin.  Most of the time, I also use a sprayer inside my tea to spray my room and house with WHITE TEA and my other teas.  You can then cook veggie burgers everyday and a plate of vegetables AND fruits with rice, quinoa or pasta cooked in tea with fresh nuts, garlic and tumeric and you will feel PERFECT everyday.  Absolutely PERFECT!  You can still have cheese.  You can also dip cigars (I love Talon, Avanti, or Cheyenne) and incense and then smoke them after they dry to CELEBRATE each day of health (it helps to smoke them up your nose too, so the teas they are dipped in get into your nasal passages).  I used to have night seizures until after college when I devoted my life to Nature and used to get paralysis in my arms, especially the left one and got an amputated toe on the right foot.  Yet, since I began a Nature life, I never have these symptoms and am more perfect each day.  You also MUST AVOID and NEVER EVER use gravy, cumin, cilantro, maple, teriyaki, Mrs. Dash spices, chamomile, toothpaste, soap and hygiene products like Scott toilet paper, Bath & Body Works or Essence of Beauty since all of these caused my initial problems and contain some form of POISON ivy (America really forgot the POISON part with these all being legal).  I realized paprika is alright as long as you have it in a veggie burger with loads of thiamin (like Morning Star), and tomatoes can be cooked or mixed right, but are just horrible straight from the vine with nothing done to them.  I recommend brushing your teeth with muscle rub, anti-itch, hydrocortozone or other creams, gels, or lotions from Dollar Tree to prevent infections and poisons from the avoid list and mixing medicated powder into your soap and shampoo.  Oh, and Dollar Tree also has laundry detergent (or everything soap if you want it to be) with full POLYMER, also good for the spinal cord and great nasal relief spray with oxymetazoline.  Like I said, as long as you use milk thistle until permanently cured, and these flavorful teas and do make an effort to pick and use leaves from hiking trails, you will be able to rehabilitate yourself from paralysis and/or seizures and that difference will then encourage those who live with you to stop using things you are allergic to.

With no job, I am still living with my family and they now cook gravy way less than before, try not to use much chamomile, and switched to new toilet paper.  They also love to include tea in their lives.  I also have my room painted in milk thistle paint to make sure everything is detoxed of cumin, which I find depressing.  Being in school was almost impossible to detox of cumin and maple because all cafeterias use them.  This is why I basically became hopelessly unemployed after temp jobs after college.  Yet, I am glad that my family have seen much greater health in me and simply give me a place to stay.

The only place where I disagree with them is over the God, Lord and Jesus thing and who I remember as the natural parents.  Over the past few years, I have tried thinking of the cartoon character and REAL MAN, Shaggy, as the Lord instead of the church Lord, because I just thought it would be more fun and actually do have more fun and relaxation agreeing on him, Shaggy "Rogers", as the savior.  I just wanted to give more details on this.  Thinking of Shaggy as someone real does not make sense if you think of Kemal / Casey Kasem as him, so in his passing in 2014, I feel like Shaggy might become more well-known as the real spirit of importance.  I did become more close to Shaggy's spirit each year as soon as the credits on SCOOBY-DOO movies and shows were changed to reflect the name Matthew Lillard as Shaggy.  I believe Matthew's presence, name and career enhance Shaggy as real and I do remember myself being HIS Scrappy-Doo (Cqrappai), even though the credits are still incorrect on Scrappy episodes and films,  and my character is just the villain as soon as Matthew's name comes back.  My own name is not a credit of Scrappy (the voice was a voicebox, so I can't do it anymore and cannot do any shapeshifts), because Matthew's voice credit was omitted and changed for so long.  I also did not receive a full Bobby Brady credit even though I remember that and a few other roles.  Yet, I feel a relaxation over Matthew Lillard being free from his pedophile Casey Kasem who stole his role.  I only remembered Casey / Kemal from working at a vitamin store that was open for a brief time in Connecticut, and thought the job was fine, but because he put out expired vitamins, that made the job only temporary for me and, as mentioned, I eventually became totally unemployable in Connecticut after college and more temp jobs.  I was not able to adapt to the regular food, hence this website and cure.  For a woman, being completely unable to achieve a permanent job and high salary is equivalent molestation to the men not being credited as the hottest and best, so what Kemal / Casey got me stuck with was equal to what Matthew Lillard was stuck with over not being listed as Shaggy's voice for so long, when the Lord SHAGGY does want him and is him in the biggest way possible.  I love Matthew Lillard forever and encourage all of you with a large number of cable channels to catch up on all of his films listed on  THE BRIDGE on FX ended and is cancelled!  Can you believe it?  The phone number that shows up as the murderer in season one (all 0's), on Daniel's cellphone, still calls one of the numbers at this house, not the one I pick up on (I did see a few lookalikes of the villains recently)!  I wanted to be written into THE BRIDGE (I could be Steven Linder's NOT DEAD sister), so I could marry Daniel Frye / Matthew Lillard!

Anyway, Matthew Lillard is now directing a set of LIVE plays in NYC from April 24-May 2, 2015 at Theatre Row ( in NYC, TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' COLLECTED SHORTS!!!  YES, YES, YES, I went to the box office and got a ticket for my BIRTHDAY, April 30!!!  I am really, really, really, really, really, really hoping to get some pictures of myself with him and talk and make love (I wish)!!!  Oh, I know where you can see awesome, HOT, unmentionable pics of Matthew, so email me if you want the URLS!!!  Soon, he will be starring in PROBLEM CHILD, the new comedy series that NBC is getting (the old films without him were even funny, so I can't wait for these episodes, even better with him).

I carry the Shaggy chia head and Pez dispenser and two smaller Shaggy dolls for good luck in being recognized by Matthew Lillard and Shaggy's real spirit, since I would love to be reaffiliated with and to marry my real cartoon Shaggy or any other Matthew Lillard character (or best yet, ALL of them)!  I never love a certain character the most and just want them all!  All of you carry Shaggy dolls for the paralysis cure if you like!

Well, watch all the cartoons you can and tell me if you remember things by drinking tea and using milk thistle.  Also email me if you are cured too.  I am a single white female, registered as male online because many server errors could cause false facts to be printed and I don't want my real registration to get messed up and because I never feel like believing articles on celebrities.  I have brown hair (though it was light blond early in life) and hazel eyes and simply live an exciting life with favorite teas.  I will be 36 on April 30, 2015, and will maybe be dating Matthew Lillard again by then (birthday wishes).  Usually, as long as I am happy with tea that is the important thing.

You should also make plug-ins with your favorite tea combinations.

Email me at: (Magda Stepenauskus) or (Cqrappai Du), even though I am registered as Jessica Lee Bennett and am called Jessie in person.